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Palin Must Distance Herself from Tea Party – or else

Some politicians are reconsidering their commitment to public service as a result of threats they’ve received. These threats are made by Americans who say they are against big government.  The latest casualty was nine-term Congressman Bart Stupak who confirmed that he received threats of physical violence after the recent debate over health care reform, but denied rumors that he decided not to seek re-election because of those threats.

Reports of threats and criminal conduct directed at politicians are rampant these days.  It was reported that the FBI is investigating a report that a brick was thrown through a window at House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter’s (D-N.Y) Niagara Falls office and at the Democratic headquarters in Rochester.  It was “a dreadful thing” said Slaughter.

According to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, more than 10 lawmakers have complained they’ve received threats since the vote on health insurance overhaul.

“The incidents of threats whether in person or through telephones or through other communication devices, have given great concern to members, for the safety of themselves and their families,” Hoyer told reporters.

“Clearly our democracy is about participation. Our democracy is about differing and debate – animated debate and passionate debate – but it is not about violence,” he added. “It is about making sure that everybody in America feels free to express their opinion . . . without subjecting themselves their family or others to . . . criminal behavior, in some respects, that undermines our democracy,” said Hoyer.

Then there is Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello’s who confirmed that a line to a propane tank on a gas grill was cut at his brother’s Charlottesville home. Tea Party activists had posted the address online thinking it was the congressman’s home, telling opponents to drop by and “express their thanks” for his vote.

Perriello said in a written statement that it’s “too early to say anything definitive regarding political motivations behind this act,” but that political leaders should nevertheless condemn threats of violence, “particularly as threats to other members of Congress and their children escalate.”

“Here in America, we settle our political differences at the ballot box,” Perriello said.

However, there are obviously some Americans who do no subscribe to this and who will use violence and threats of violence against our public servants simply because they are doing the jobs they were elected to do – advance the agenda of their constituents.

Rep. John Larson, D-Conn., chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, blamed Republicans for the threats, calling on them to condemn the actions and speak directly to their supporters.

“They must ask their supporters to ratchet down their extreme rhetoric and cease this threatening behavior,” he said in a written statement. “People have a right to assemble and speak their minds. But, inciting or inflaming violence against elected officials and their families is over the line and inappropriate.”

Republican and Tea Party supporter, Sarah Palin, has been overtly courting Tea Partiers with rhetoric which some say is intended to incite violence.

A few weeks ago, Palin released a list of 20 U.S. House seats she said conservatives should target in the upcoming midterm elections. The list, posted on her Facebook page, featured a U.S. map with circles and cross hairs over the 20 districts.

Critics said it was inappropriate to use gun imagery, especially as a handful of Democrats who supported the health care overhaul reported receiving threats of violence.

McCain defended Palin, saying it was common practice and “part of the lexicon” to refer to targeted congressional districts.

At a March, 2010 rally, Palin offered this coy and equivocal attempt at a disclaimer which appears to be deliberately watered-down so as not to offend her Tea Party buddies: “this BS coming from the lame-stream media” about “us common-sense conservatives ‘kinda’ inciting violence . . . we know violence isn’t the answer. When we take up our arms, we’re talking about our vote.”

Palin declared that the Tea Party movement is “a beautiful grassroots movement that is putting government back on the side of the people. … Everybody here today supporting John McCain, we’re all part of that tea party movement.”

The Tea Party movement is “beautiful”?  Is this the same Tea Party which sent angry, gun-toting Tea Partiers to flood town hall meetings which were organized for rational and civil debate on health care reform? After one such meeting in Atlanta, a swastika was painted on the office of Congressman David Scott (D-GA), who also received a flier addressed to “nigga David Scott.” One protesters was armed at an event where the President was speaking.

Some Tea Partiers have defended the fledgling movement by saying that those responsible for these actions are part of the lunatic fringe – a very small segment of the Tea Party movement which does not represent the ideology of the majority.  However, because the Tea Party has failed to take decisive action to eradicate this fringe group from its ranks, it appears as though it is knowingly harboring them.

The Tea Party must take a firm stand to condemn and disavow violence, threats of violence, and criminal acts against our public servants (the folks who could quit public service in order to accept $10,000 speaking gigs – but don’t).

If the Tea Party fails to do this, then Palin must distance herself from the Tea Party movement because of its willingness to insert bigotry, fear and terror into American politics. The Tea Party is on a collision course with its own dissolution.  The first report of physical injury or harm to one single politician by a Tea Partier will lead to the dismantling and demise of the political future of this leaderless group and its supporters, such as Palin. As a mother and grandmother (maybe of future politicians), Palin must send the message that those in public service (and their families) must not be threatened, abused, or harmed in any way simply because they are doing their jobs.  They are off-limits.

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15 Responses

  1. I just wanted to say, I have attended Tea Party rallies and not once did I hear or see anyone threaten or intimidate anyone that had a different opinion or thought. We just are not going to be rolled over by liberals or socialist anymore. With the amount of spending and government control by this administration we the people are trying to have our voices heard. And if you check I hear a racoon or squirel took up residence in Congressman Periello’s brothers grill and chewed through the hose. Oh by the way who was it that threatened Congressman Cantor, another one of those Tea Partiers?

  2. To Robert Holmes.
    You are a Liar.

  3. Holmes- What a joke! Cantors Office was hit by a stray bullet! Of course gun control is totally out of the question for tea baggers. Speaking of tea baggers- why did they roll over for W when he wanted to spend a trillion on killing 4,500 soldiers but now they are outragged by spending less on helping sick people?

  4. Thank you.

    I think that this was an informative and well written article. The tea party overall maybe a peaceful movement however, Ms Palin seems to attrack the lunatic-fringe. The tea party should distance themselves from her.

  5. I attended a tea party in Syracuse, ny April 12, 2010. This was my first tea party event but surely won’t be my last. There was a couple hundred people there from the Tea Party Express bus tour. I will also say there was somewhere around 40 to 50 Obama supporters there also. Most held their signs a short distance from the Tea Party event, and god it was peaceful. There where also people walking around the tea party croud with Obama signs and I can say I didn’t hear any bad things said to them and I will also say I didn’t see any tea party people walking amoungst there protest not that I would have expected them to do anything. But I would suggest that rather than talking bad about tea party people stop by the next one in your area and have a chat with some of them. Who knows you may learn a thing or two if you are willing to check some facts about what they tell you. Do yourself a favor and don’t try and check them on factcheck or for that matter Fox news as I will be the first too tell you if you goto a politicly connect site like those you are only fooling yourself as they are both baised over the top. So please open your mind and educate yourself. We all have children and grandchildren we wan’t to leave a better country to and if not just keep spreading the hate. I don’t understand with all this I deserve everything someone else worked for comes from, but it must end. This Country is broke and needs to stop spending money we don’t have. As far as healthcare is concerned I don’t think you will find anyone who doesnt want people to be able to recieve healthcare for christ sakes we are all human. People need to understand why healthcare is so expensive and it is not because doctors are greedy and most if not all health insurance companies are not-for-profit. Look at government regulations and the frivilis lawsuits that makes it so expensive for doctors to get malpraice insurance. For gods sake these people went to school till they where around 36 years old to be able to help people not to mention the debt they have from their education. How much money did you make without an education by the time you where 36? If you made $10,000 a year that would be like what $160,000! While you made that $160,000 their education cost them more than that. Come on people think about this issue. Do you work for free? I am sure you don’t unless you are wealthy. We need to fix our healthcare system but we need to look at what these as we wold a business we where trying to run look at the expense and see what is out of whack. Look at the fact the government already pays for over half of healthcare in America already of course they only pay around fifty cents on the dollar when reimbursing the doctors. Then you have the insurance companies that can also bargain for a discounted rate and that leaves us people who do not have health insurance to pay a primium as we have no bargain power. Yes, I don’t have health insurance either, but thats ok I have to take a little better care of myself get regular excerise and hope nothing bad happens and if it does I will have to pay the price for this as I could get a good union job or go to college and get a better job that provides health insurance or maybe I’ll run for congress they have the best healthcare available at our expense but they won’t be going on your plan it is good enough for public servants. Here is something else to think about how many of your friends make $10 an hour and pay their servant $20 an hour? None of my freinds either but how many of our public servant are make over $100,000 a year off your hard work? This is what the tea parties are about, I know the republicans are trying to take them over and that is why have waited so long to attend one. I just ask please follow the money on anything the government does and you will understand why people are upset. Take care and I hope that we all talk to each other and continue to be civil as we do.

    • Man, what a country … go back to elementary school and learn how to spell …. some grammar and syntax wouldn’t hurt either. Do ANY of you tea bags for brains folks know how to string a sentence together correctly? Oh well, The Wassila Hillbilly is a great example fer ya’ll …….. sheeeeesh,

  6. Really Mr. Holmes? When was Eric Cantor threatened?
    True, a bullet broke the window of his campaign office in Richmond on Mar 25th. But it’s pretty clear it was not meant to happen.
    From the Mar 26 statement by Richmond police on the incident:
    “A preliminary investigation shows that a bullet was fired into the air and struck the window in a downward direction, landing on the floor about a foot from the window,” the police statement says. “The round struck with enough force to break the windowpane but did not penetrate the window blinds.”
    Those are either bloody tough window blinds, or some idiot was firing a gun into the air and by happenstance it came down against Cantor’s office window. If anybody has tried to intimidate Cantor it certainly was not by shooting bullets into the air, nobody can make a shot like that and predict where the bullet will land.
    Oh, and that office is not marked in any way as an Eric Cantor office, there is no big sign or anything suggesting who rents or owns it. Cantor occasionally uses the room for meetings, police said.
    And if you check, the FBI are investigating Tom Perriello’s brother’s severed gas line as an act of domestic terrorism.
    Finally, by the way, We The People have had our voices heard, and we elected Barack Obama as president. Get over it, you whiny babies.

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jeremiah Reeves. Jeremiah Reeves said: Palin Must Distance Herself from Tea Party – or else « Wendy …: If the Tea Party fails to do this, then Palin mu… http://bit.ly/c3eQdC […]

  8. Please, please, please, liberals … don’t whip yourselves into a frenzy over the Tea Party movement. Every mass movement attracts a few lunatics, and no doubt the Tea Party has too. But they do not reflect the mainstream of the movement. If you’re looking for violent people, look for Obama’s pal Bill Ayers.

    For an honest liberal account of the Tea Party, read Jonathan Raban’s report in the New York Review of Books

  9. “They must ask their supporters to ratchet down their extreme rhetoric and cease this threatening behavior,” he said in a written statement. “People have a right to assemble and speak their minds. But, inciting or inflaming violence against elected officials and their families is over the line and inappropriate.”
    From a democrat, no less.

    Oh please. With all the hate speech directed by the ADMINISTRATION towards the Tea Party, our members are being told that WE’RE to STOP the EXTREME RHETORIC?

    obama said Thursday he’s amused by the anti-tax tea
    parties. Amused?

    pelosi says we’re astroturf.

    Ga head. Dismiss us. Just be aware that MLK had – drumroll – mostly blacks marching with him.

    IF you see “mostly whites” at tea party rallies, it may be because, and try to keep up here, TWELVE PERCENT of the America population is black. NINETY FIVE percent of them vote democrat.

    Sheesh….when did the dummying down of America happen? People who don’t know the stats, have never read the Constitution and CAN’T FIGURE OUT THAT A VOTE FOR PAT BUCHANAN IS NOT A VOTE FOR GORE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ANYWHERE NEAR THE VOTING BOOTH!

  10. “Oh let her spew her fat, make threats, spread hate and anger.” WHAT ONE SOWS, SO SHALL THEY REAP! I pray deeply that she is enlightened to WHY she is REAPING what she presently is, as well as those who spread hate through venues as the tea parties!

  11. Hi. I just want to make it very clear to all who might read this that it is not the Tea Partiers who are spreading the hate. Sarah Palin is right to call the movement “beautiful.” It is honest, hard-working Americans standing up for free market principles and small government and Constitutional accountability – the founding principles of our Republic. These people are fathers, daughters, grandmothers, etc. Yes, there are radicals out there – of all political spectrums. It is disingenuous to say that because there happen to be some radical conservatives, all conservatives – or, all Tea Partiers – are radical. Plus, the left has actively pushed this narrative, and supported it by inserting people into the Tea Parties to say racist things, make racist signs, send racist e-mails to elected officials, etc. The left really wants this movement to disappear. Why? Because, the Tea Party is directly opposed to the left’s agenda of moving our country more toward European-style social democracy… i.e., away from that Constitutional Republic, that we have been since our founding. This (movement toward socialism) has been happening for a while; and, with Obama, it is running full-steam ahead. Simply put, it is an America right to peacefully protest, and speak out against the government – which is why Palin is correct to call Tea Parties “beautiful.”

    What is truly not beautiful is the deceitful tactics used by the left to stifle conversation and honest, patriotic dissent. This is America – the land of the free. But, some people can literally feel their freedoms (such as freedom of speech) being taken away by the move toward socialism, where power is controlled by the central government, and the “nanny state” controls the everyday lives, including everyday choices, of the people. Some of us want our freedom. Some of us like our freedom. Freedom has long been a valued commodity – just look at the movie “Braveheart.” Those Scottish were fighting for their “freedom” from the dictatorship (tyranny) of England. Similarly, early Americans fought for the same thing – and, for the first time on Earth, founded a country on that core principle. Some people value their freedom so much that they are willing to be attacked and vilified by a biased media, and cruel people who paint them as hateful racists.

    I, too, find the Tea Party – and Sarah Palin – “beautiful,” and feel blessed to be part of this great and powerful country that created them both.


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