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Compensation for wrongful imprisonment? Depends on who has the keys

The resurfacing of Jaycee Dugard, in 2009, after being kidnapped by Phillip Garrido in 1991 when she was only 11 years old, was greeted with joy by residents of California.  Some residents, however, now appear to be unhappy with the news released last week that Dugard and her children will receive a $20 million payout from the state.

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Wendy Phillips joins APLEblog.com

To my dedicated readers:

This will be my last post on Wendy Phillips’ Blog.

My new posts will be published on APLEblog.com.

However, this blog will remain active so that you can access my older posts.

Thank you for your support and subscriptions.

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Second-grader reveals mother’s immigration status

While visiting an elementary school in Silver Spring, Maryland today, First Lady Michelle Obama was asked a question which placed her in the middle of the immigration debate.  Mrs. Obama, who visited the New Hampshire Estates Elementary School with Mexico’s First Lady, Margarita Zavala, handled the visit with the poise of a seasoned politician.

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Message to Michael, Whitney and Naomi

When I look at the troubled lives of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Naomi Campbell, I see one common factor.  None of them have (or in Michael’s case – had) any idea of their true value and the extent of their fans’ love and appreciation.

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Kagan’s skirt suits

Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, made the rounds of key senators’ offices on Capitol Hill today.  In what has become a ritual for high court nominees, Kagan started her day with a visit to Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. She then huddled with Senate Minority Leader – Mitch McConnell, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman – Patrick Leahy, and Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the committee’s top Republican.

Kagan, who if confirmed would become the 112th Supreme Court justice, seemed relax and gave no indication that she is aware of speculations swirling about her sexual orientation.  While Kagan probably will not make a statement about her sexual orientation (rightly so), her choice of clothing speaks volumes.

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Is Kagan’s Confirmation a no-brainer?

In a not-too-surprising move, President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday. If confirmed, Kagan will replace Justice John Paul Stevens, the leading liberal voice on the Court.

Although Kagan’s nomination appears to be a ‘safe’ one, it may nevertheless entice strong opposition from Republicans. Obama’s nomination of Kagan is lauded by Democrats as a good choice for the following reasons:

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This is no Sonia

When President Obama announced his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court on May 26, 2009, he praised Sotomayor for having worked at almost every level of the judicial system, which provided her with a depth of experience and a breadth of perspective which will be invaluable as a Supreme Court justice.

Beaming with pride, the President noted that Sotomayor came to the Supreme Court with more judicial experience than any of the other Supreme Court justices had when they were nominated. During her tenure on the district court, she presided over roughly 450 cases.

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