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For all those who have written in their hands

It was painful to watch the videos of Sarah Palin reading crib notes written in her hand.  At first I thought how embarrassing for Sarah and those who believe she will be a legitimate contender for the GOP nomination in 2012.

But after the news set in, I reconsidered.  So what if she used crib notes? I am not one of Sarah’s supporters, but for all those who have done this before, does writing notes in your hand make you a bad person or a cheat?

Public speakers depend on different aids and devices to help them remember what to say all the time. The notes in her hand show that she prefers the simple approach to the more complex one.  But really, does that make her less smart than politicians who use teleprompters?

Some of the words in her hand were “energy,” “budget cuts,” “tax,” and “lift American spirits.”  These words are just headings.  Looking at these words only reminded Sarah to cover those subjects.  Sarah had to fill in the rest of the text while standing there.  That required a better memory, and better analytical, organizational and presentation skills than those required for the person standing there reading the text on a teleprompter verbatim.

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32 Responses

  1. If she were a real person, why doesn’t she merely bring notes & refer to them as others do?
    She is a cheat!
    Also, she is SCARY!
    Imagine she having the possibility of initiating a Nuclear attack on Iran?
    When she was asked by Chris Wallace, another idiot!, on Sunday he feelings re:attacking Iran, she replied in the positive.


  2. I had a boss who used notes on his hand. It is simply a way to be a bit more discrete if you only have a “handful” of major topics to discuss (pun intended!).

    Folks that get weirded out by Palin give *me* the creeps. Seriously, she’s a pretty standard Republican politician of a mostly libertarian stripe. She has a lot in common with, oh, about 100,000,000 other Americans. So, to folks like Bill who think that she’s “SCARY” – what on earth get’s your panties in such a twist? Do you wet yourself at the thought of going out to the store and seeing white people? Christians? Or are you just freaked out by Moms?

    • What freaks out Tea Baggers? Black people? Isn’t that why they think a test for voters is a great idea? The truth is, the Tea Baggers probably couldn’t pass it themselves. Best be careful what you wish for!

  3. Uh, was she taking a test? I didn’t know you could cheat giving a speech.

    Actually, she’s a true environmentalist. No trees cut down for index cards. No electricity used to power teleprompters. Thanks, for staying green Sarah.

    Gibbs was pathetic today… and scared. You belittle the people you are afraid of.

    • IF she only did it for a speech, but she did it when answering questions. How could she have the answers to questions unless the questioners were plants?

      She is pathetic, and people that admire her are beyond belief.

    • Actually, the Palm Pilot notes were not for her speech. They were for a pre-scripted interview (remember, she doesn’t give REAL interviews), with Chris Wallace. You can see her referring to her hand as she’s answering Wallace’s questions. She already knew the questions and the answers and STILL had to wrote all over her hand. Most fascinating is that she actually scribbled something out, and then rewrote it.

  4. I’m not a Palin supporter. I think it was a cheesy gimmick to stay in the news (notice how the MSM and bloggers are talking about it?). It doesn’t make her a cheat or bad person to look down at her hand but to do it so blantantly in front of an audience and tv cameras? Come on.

    It is also hypocritical of those on the left to attack Palin. Obama is the king of the teleprompter and even had his trusty aid with him during a speech to a 6th grade class. To each their own but to look at your hand for the world to see is idiotic.

    • Come on every president, congressman and senators use a teleprompter all the time, hell palin had teleprompters when she was on the campaign trail. Ronald Reagan was notorious for using a teleprompter…there are allot of pictures out there that shows palin with teleprompters in front her she a hypoiciate, she talks bad about people but when that person calls her out, she plays the victim. I would like her better if she would stop the hate speeches and tell use what she will do to make things better and to me she made herself look stupid in allot of peoples eyes, my kid is in grade school he thought she was childish. She is showing the world that she is idiotic and that were all crazy for supporting her, google the newspapers in the european countries you’ll see what they are saying about us because of her, its embarrassing

    • The teleprompter was not for 6th graders, it was for the news conference that followed. Please do some reading, and not just what is approved by FAUX.

      Using her hand makes her a hypocrite as she is blasting The President for using a teleprompter to criticize him for not having everything committed to memory. I think he has a few more items on his plate than she does.

      We are not hypocritical to attack her, she put herself out there as “Ms Perfect”; guess what? She’s not! Pointing that out to her is not being hypocritical. It’s pointing to the obvious.

      The biggest thing is, if she didn’t have those looks; NO ONE WOULD CARE WHAT SHE DOES. Republicans are only defending her because they like looking at her. She is an empty suit/dress; face it!

      I truly hope she runs for the WH, I will enjoy the laughter when she gets her a** handed to her!

    • Totally debunked rumor. Find a new one.

  5. I would say that Gov. Palin did a pretty good job if the only thing libs can find to be critical of are the production values of her speech.

    • Tell me one thing that was productive about her speech, I’ll wait.

    • You want more? OK! She’s a quitter, a hypocrite, she has no plan other than to criticize. She uses her children for props. Now this fiscal conservative is proposing a word police, except for her pal Limpburger.


  6. Defend the empty package if you want but she and her supporters can’t take what they dish out.

  7. its not cheating .. its very poor judgement …

    she had her notes from the speech …
    she could have put these few words
    on the side of the the first page and
    just leave her speech not on the
    table in front of her when she took
    the questions …

    but then again … if you ask someone
    “may I call you joe”, because you cannot
    remember the other guys last name
    and you have to right down the
    three most imortant messages of
    your core belief

    thats just a sign for someone trying
    to play in the major league with a
    smaller than little league capacity

    her advantage is, that her supporters
    are even dumber than she is

    isnt there a saying
    “the one-eyed is king among the blind” ?

    although churchill once said, that
    every country has the goverment it
    deserves … I trully hope that we will
    never see a “palin-government”

    • Here,Here! It was childish and what does she expect. People and comedians are having a field day, she’s the gift that keeps on giving…I will leave you here with this saying…”It may be tempting and more comfortable to just keep your head down, plod along, and appease those who demand: ‘Sit down and shut up,’ but that’s the worthless, easy path; that’s a quitter’s way out.” –Sarah Palin

      • Love that quiita from Wassilla!

        Also, think of the money comedians are saving for not having to spend money to come up with their own material?

  8. Let’s get this straight. Palin read her speech word-for-word from prepared notes. The palm notes were used during an interview.

    • She condemns The President for using a teleprompter; then refers to her hand!

      The interview with Chris Wallace was laughable. She so obviously had to refer to her hand for the simplest of items.

      Reagan was notorious for his use of a teleprompter, now it’s suddenly so awful! How did that happen? OH I remember, this President isn’t 100% white!!!!

    • A PRE-SCRIPTED interview. She went in knowing the questions AND the answers, and still needed to scribble on her hand.

  9. Sarah was being conservative again. Faster, easier and less expensive by thousands of dollars than the Obama teleprompter. She is staying in budget, how is Obama doing?

    • She just didn’t want to part with the $100,000 thats being cheap,

    • Oh now she’s frugal! She used one on the campaign trail with McCain! Or was it because others were footing the bill?

      That may be YOUR idea of frugal, but where I come from if you only use the expensive items on someone else’s dime; YOU’RE CHEAP!

  10. How about a little professionalism? Not to mention did she use the bathroom between the writing and the speech? She just not wash?

    She’s a village idiot, nothing wrong with using notecards to refresh your memory. If she makes it to the oval office will she keep her nuke codes on her hand?

    The only thing I’ve ever written on my hand was a hot chicks number, and by the end of the night it was blurred beyond recognition. Not the best place to keep things of importance.

  11. Also, she criticized Obama for using a teleprompter while reading from notes from her hand. If those issues are so important to her, should she really need to look at hand notes in the middle of a one-on-one interview?

  12. A lot of people are criticising Ms. Palin and they’re doing it without thinking. These are all knee-jerk reactions. The fact is they’re scared to death of the influence she’s having — and they should be! Believe me, she’s not going away anytime soon…and she’s a major reason why conservatives will clean house in November! Just remember I told you so.

  13. In response to “That required a better memory….” The physical act of writing something on your hand with your hand and seeing it with your eyes should be enough memory reinforcement. Let’s also remember–she likely had the question in advance. Just admit it. She’s an idiot.

  14. Your sister sarah is the comedians gift that just keeps on giving. You can whine about liberals attacking her all you want, the truth is she has it coming.

    If you put yourself out there as perfect, don’t complain when people notice you have faults.

    She only appears before people that already agree with her, and only tells them what they want to hear. She has no ideas and no innovations; she is a fake.

    The only thing scary about her is how she is duping people to divert their votes and interests from more serious topics. Their latest enthusiasm for voters tests are laughable. Look up the tests that were used to keep minority races (especially blacks) from voting. There isn’t a Tea Bagger in the universe that would pass them.

  15. The “deal” about this installment of Pitiful Palin. She had just finished READING a speech in which she castigated the president for using a teleprompter. This president and every president before him since they invented teleprompters use them. Many professionals use teleprompters, including most TV talk and news shows for at least portions of the show. If not a teleprompter, cards with notes on them. But for a few questions after her speech, where she was obviously fed the questions prior to having to answer them, she has to write crib notes on her hand because she can’t answer a question about what she thinks needs to happen for the country? She doesn’t know what she believes in? Frankly, I don’t care if she scribbles notes all over herself- it might be an improvement. I really wish she would use something to change her voice because I have always found that to be the most irritating part of her. I hate that whinny voice. I hated it when she was on channel 2 and I still hate it. What she needs to do is quit being such a huge hypocrite when she uses notes and written speeches and a teleprompter when she was on the campaign, and quit being such a snarky bitch. That, along with the whinny voice bugs the heck out of me.

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