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For Palin, it’s all about the money

It was announced today that  former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows, beginning Tuesday on “The O’Reilly Factor,” and host an occasional series that was already in the works, “Real American Stories.”

Some say that this show will give Sarah the platform she needs to stay in the public’s eye in order to make her bid for the White House in 2012 successful.

But, Sarah will disappoint all her fans when they realize that Sarah is not as concerned about winning the White House or the Republican party as she is about making money – as much money as she can.

When Sarah announced that she was quitting her job as Governor of Alaska, on July 3, 2009, we were all shocked. We listened to the rambling nonsense Sarah cited as her reasons for quitting.  I only remember the words “lame duck” and “ethics violations.”

It was puzzling then.  But now the picture is crystal clear.  As governor, Sarah’s annual salary was  only $125,000.  She stands to make much more as author of a best selling book (Going Rogue), regular commentator on Fox News, and who knows what else Sarah has planned.  For Sarah, it’s all about the money.  After all, she is also a mother with 5 mouths to feed.

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14 Responses

  1. As much as I hate her, I can’t blame her for doing what’s best for her pocketbook. I do suspect that she’ll eventually break under the pressure of having to avoid verbal gaffes, then quit and disappear. Watch and see.

  2. I enjoyed your site. I found it by tracing back a link on my blog, Lynnrockets.com. I am also an attorney but my blog is more political satire and parody rather than strict political comment. We do a lot of Palin stuff so I enjoyed your Palin post. If you are interested in crosslisting our blogs respectively on our blogrolls, let me know.


  3. Just another example of a male dominated culture trying to find ways to criticize women for making money! :-P

  4. Latest from John Hay @ Telling Thoughts

    “A Cunning Fox Snares Palin The Job Hunter”



    “This is precisely what I suggested would happen in my article of 20th Nov 2009 , titled “The Transparency of Sarah Palin”. I wrote that this would be the path chosen by Palin after her resignation as Governor of Alaska.

    That she would pursue wealth and celebrity via a national role in the media, rather than settle for a career of public service to the American people”.

    The Transparency of Sarah Palin


  5. Sarah Palin/Fabio 2012!

  6. Well, this WAS widely reported right after Palin’s resignation speech…out of the mouths of babes:

    July 9, 2009
    Levi Johnston, 19, whose wedding to Bristol Palin was called off earlier this year, says he believes the governor is resigning over personal finances.

    Johnston says he lived with the Palin family from early December to the second week in January. He claims he heard the governor several times say how nice it would be to take advantage of the lucrative deals that were being offered, including a reality show and a book.

    “I think the big deal was the book. That was millions of dollars,” said Johnston

  7. She certainly does scare a lot of people. It really is something; no matter how you feel about her, it’s undeniable that she is a grade-A threat. Probably a bigger threat than anyone on the scene, on either side of the aisle. And at any level. And to think she’s just a private citizen.

    Right now, most Americans say Obama should *not* be re-elected. And no, it isn’t an April Fool’s joke. http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2010/04/most-americans-say-obama-does-not.html

    Bottom line: A lot can change between now and 2012. But the way things are going, if Sarah’s a mind to take the job on, it’s hers.

    • Yes, she scares a lot of people and I am one of them. I actually came into the race rather late and thought possibly John McCain would be good but once this woman came on his team it was down from there. She is SCARY because she is radical and she has no idea what her words mean … AND (some) people love it. That is what is scary. Obama may be called a socialist or whatever but he is nowhere near the Liberal these people think he is – they just don’t get it. That is the biggest threat.

      • Tracy, please enlighten me. What’s the most radical idea Sarah Palin has?

        Personally, I’m particularly fond of this idea that if you’ve got money flowing out of your country to terrorist states vis a vis your massive petroleum imports, and there’s billions of barrels of crude under your own turf, you should go ahead & drill. That’s like, WHOA baby! Stand back! Oliver Cromwell’s idea of lowering an axe on the King’s neck, that was tame by comparison!

        I can make any Sarah Palin hater forget all about the demands of those august offices, and drop their snooty sneering drivel about mentally underpowered individuals who might not have what it takes to occupy ‘em, in just two words: Joe Biden. Funny how when we talk about different people, suddenly judgment, common sense, intellectual firepower all become afterthought-subjects and we don’t have time for ‘em.

        Can you say “manipulated?”

  8. LMAO Morgan it’s VERY deniable that she’s even a grade C threat.

    (She’s no threat . ..she’s a joke)

  9. Jokes arouse endorphins. Threats arouse adrenaline.

    Something tells me we haven’t long to wait for the next round of Palin-inspired adrenaline eruption.

    Thing I Notice About the Palin Bashers, #13: “They are loud, eager to get their opinion on the record, to the point of being obnoxious. Nobody seems to be sitting in a corner anywhere quietly thinking to himself ‘Wow I wish Palin would go away she’s so unqualified.'”

    • I am one of those people.

      • Me, too. She is only one person on a long list of those who will make me very happy when they have finally exhausted their over-extended Warholian fifteen minutes of fame.

      • Thus it is proven, here you both are.

        They sound like reasonable opinions at first blush — let’s face it, Palin’s mug been out, in force, for the last year and a half.

        But then I think about the other folks who used up their fifteen minutes so long ago. Julia Roberts funding the “recount” in Florida back in 2000. Alec Baldwin threatening to leave the country if GWB got elected. Viggo Mortensen, Sean Penn, everyone whose last name is “Kardashian,” the twits on The View, that guy who interrupted Taylor Swift and said “I’m-a gonna letcha finish…”

        Palin tops your list of people who’ve used up their 15?

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