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The Best Way to Settle A Dispute


A few months ago, I was asked to speak to a class of high school seniors on ‘Career Day’.  I decided that I would speak to them about my job as an Arbitrator.

As I entered the class (at the end of the day) I realized that I had to do something very quickly to get their attention.  So, I asked them in a very loud voice, “Does anyone know what Arbitration is?”  The kids started to talk among themselves, and then one very brave young man raised his hand.

“Great!”  I though to myself.  “Now, I can start.”  I pointed to the young man and asked, “What is arbitration?”  He stood up and said, “Doesn’t that have something to do with dead bodies?”

I guess he confused the words “arbitration”and “mortician”.  (Believe me, this really happened.)  When the other students saw the “what the ….??” expression on my face, they started laughing at their classmate who didn’t look so brave anymore, because he was now sitting with his head hanging very low.  “That’s OK.  The words do sound alike,” I said trying to minimize the young man’s pain.

But, I had their attention.  So I proceeded to tell them that if they have ever seen “Judge Judy” or “Judge Joe Brown” or “The People’s Court” then they have witnessed an arbitration, and they know what arbitration is.

In a nutshell, arbitration is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to settle disputes.  Many people are taking their disputes to an arbitrator instead of going to court.  As we face the consequences of our troubled economy, and many continue to lose jobs, the popularity of arbitration continues to increase.

With arbitration, you save money and time, and the decision of the arbitrator is binding and can be enforced in a court of law.  But, best of all, you (the parties) get to choose your own Arbitrator.  This is different from going to court and hoping and praying for the ‘right’ Judge.  For more on the benefits of arbitration, please go to my website at:  http://www.w-phillips.com

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